{Restaurants} Hans im Glück Burgergrill - scores with design, but does not really make you happy otherwise

B urger are in and therefore two new burger restaurants have been opened in our quarter in the last two weeks. Sure, we have to test them. The nuclear family has voted and decided rather pragmatically for the shorter walk: "Hans in luck" in the House of Sports at the Schlump.

When we arrive, the outdoor area is good and we can barely choose between three free tables. The dishes from the people in front of us are not cleared yet, but we just put this together quickly and take a seat.

Hans im Glück Hamburg Terrasse

Time to take a look around. The whole thing gives the impression that the shop is quite popular. And it's also pretty nice here. No question - the furnishing concept and the design are fun: Under a huge green umbrella you sit on wooden benches and tables, the cutlery is in specially made jugs and various sauces with Hans in the lucky label are accompanied by a rosemary bush very pretty every table. Since you can easily hide the main traffic intersection in the immediate vicinity.

Hans in luck Hamburg table decorationHans in Luck Hamburg Design

The interior design of the surprisingly large guest room has spared no effort: Man sits modern-cozy on different levels, innumerable birch trunks structure the space cleverly, so you do not feel like in a huge dining room and Bleuchtungs- and color concept are very pleasant.

 Hans im Glück Hamburg Gastraum  Hans im Glück Gastraum Hans im Glück Hamburg GastraumHans i m Glück Hamburg Gastraum

The specially printed menus are elaborately designed and score points with illustrations from the fairy tale of the same name. The introtext on the map informs us that everything is freshly made for us here. The meat patties consist of 100% beef, there is even a special Hans in luck sauce with secret recipe and you can choose between two types of bread (sourdough and multigrain). The extensive burger offer with imaginative names, there are also breadless burgers (great for low carb friends), numerous vegetarian and even vegan variants. That sounds good - I'm looking forward to the food.

Hans in Luck Menu #gourmetguerilla

We sit and wait. Somehow no service staff comes to our table. After 10 minutes the man gets slightly nervous. I try to save the situation by taking intense eye contact with a remote operator. She then comes to our table promptly - but only to inform us that she will inform her colleague. After all, she already takes the dishes with her. No problem - we would like to wait a few more minutes.

Finally the colleague arrives and picks up our order. The man ordered a cheese & bacon burger (7,60 €), I ordered a breadless forest & meadow burger with avocado sauce (7,40 €). The child wants a small portion of French fries (3.20 €) and a Fanta (2.90 €). The gentleman of the service offers us an upgrade to the lunch menu: For 4,50 € more you get to his burger still fries or salad, a drink and a coffee.Since I want to drink a white wine spritzer, the menu is out of the question for me. I order my white wine spritzer (3.80 €) and a side salad with nut dressing (3.50 €) separately to the burger.

When the food comes, I immediately notice the glazed dishes in blue and green tones - very pretty! However, fries are on my plate. I had not ordered that. My side salad is not there for that. We speak with the service and it promises to clarify this with the colleague and bring asap the missing salad. I pass the fries over to the child. They look okay, but are from the usual snack delivery in thick section.

Hans in luck Hamburg Pommes

The burger from the man looks like a burger. Neither big nor small, with a thin, completely fried patty, a wafer-thin slice of cheese, bacon cubes and lettuce leaf. The leaven bread roll advertised on the menu may be a tad above the supermarket standard, but it clearly has industrial roots.

Hans in luck Hamburg burger with fries

Then comes my side salad. I support. In my pretty bowl is something that looks suspiciously cut and mix of ready salad from the bag. In fact, almost every diamond-shaped salad has brown cut edges. I read again in the menu: "Daily fresh ingredients and best quality". No doubt: Either the salad was freshly cut for me two days ago by clairvoyant gifted people or the bag of ready-made salad was already a bit older. On the other hand, the sprouts and the sunflower seeds look good, but they can not save the whole, because the nut dressing at the bottom of the bowl bobbing and even after thorough mixing, almost tasteless.

Hans in Luck Hamburg Side Salad

My breadless burger is made of a soft, unfortunately not spicy veggy-patty and comes with decorated a lot of brown-cut edge salad. In addition, I also processed a wafer-thin slice of cheese and a slice of tomato. The red onion is wobbly and dry and was probably already a bit longer in the air. The avocado sauce is ok, but rather neutral in taste.

Hans in Luck Hamburg Breadless Burger

When we're done with the meal, nothing happens again. The man then actively challenges his coffee from the menu. Black with some milk. The coffee comes and is pushed with some effort between the still standing on the table utensils. Unfortunately, there is no milk. We complain about the - again new - operation. She promises to take care of herself. But unfortunately, nothing happens for several minutes. Then the man has the faxes thick and gets himself the milk from the bar. One presses him a serving bowl condensed milk in the hand. When he has arrived back at the table, suddenly an espresso cup full of milk is put on the table without comment. The man tries to get the milk out of the espresso cup into his coffee and masters it quite well - after all, only half of the milk ends up on the table and saucer.

While we wait for the bill, I look at it with Hans in luck branded sauces closer. Fortunately, on each of the sauces, the message " Free from flavor enhancing additives, dyes and preservatives " is emblazoned.And the barbecue sauce contains, in addition to flavors and numerous thickening agents, despite explicit reference to the front, of course, also yeast extract. Ehhh ...? It is hoped that the saucer bottles will be replaced without cooling every three days.

Hans im Glück Hamburg Pommessoße

Conclusion: Interior design and design have been very successful at Hans im Glück . The service, on the other hand, has to be much better integrated and coordinated. The food left in my opinion in the pricing, however, much to be desired. From the promised, hand-made freshness, the guest notices in the light of pre-cut (ready) salad, thin, well-cooked Burgerpatties, standard sauces with endless list of ingredients, industrial rolls and snack chips. Unfortunately, the hay cheese and the pretty dishes and ambience that are highly praised in the menu can not help it either. Friends of the good, home-made burgers will probably not be happy in the Hans im Glück . Anyone who appreciates the taste standards of a gastro-food-service in a nice ambience with an upscale price is in good hands.

Hans im Lucky Hamburg Business Cards

Schäferkampsallee 1
20357 Hamburg

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