{Restaurant Tip} An afternoon at Off Club by Tim Mälzer. With Uwe, beer and burgers.

U we are sitting at one of the tables in the beer garden in front of the Off Club when I jump out of the taxi in Hamburg Bahrenfeld. A lot of traffic, construction sites, roads closed - nothing unusual actually on a Friday at 15 o'clock. "You, I'm in Hamburg at the end of the week and have time in the afternoon, do we want to do something there?" Uwe had asked. And I was really looking forward to it. Uwe blogged his madness recipes on High Foodality, is a super cute guy and actually lives in southern Germany. A combination that allows only very rare meetings in persona - but a lot of typing and scribbling on the usual social media channels. Blogging just connects, ne. Alone the technical side ... HOURS ... oh, you guessed it already.

If a blogger colleague comes, wants/should/must offer something, that's clear. However, a Friday afternoon is not the best moment for that. Of course, the upscale restaurants have no kitchen in the afternoon. And to spontaneously invade small factories is rather difficult. People have at least a second life there and in general rather a lot to do. So I search a little bit on this internet and find places.

At the maltster of his new restaurant I was not yet, I think and check pro forma times the opening times ... and Bingo! The Off Club has from 12 clock go through hot food. Only a small card during the day - but we are in business. After getting up from the table a couple of times in the bulldozer with mixed feelings, I find it exciting to see how things are going in the new shed.

Now I'm grabbing the Uwe, we're both looking forward to a leg and descend the stairs to the Off Club. What we see pleases. The restaurant in the old, red industrial brick building is a few meters "below zero", so that the afternoon sun falls through the windows from above, especially diagonally. Atmosphere is running. The rooms are so colorful and obviously randomly arranged that one immediately suspects that the interior designer has done a very expensive job here. But it fits. Nothing is too intrusive or too wanted. You like it and can not really say exactly what it is. Maybe the fine dose of clean trash. Or the different "zones" that you can go through. If you still have the feeling of sitting in a sophisticated music bistro-thing, you will find lots of red plush, expensive lamps and art on the walls around the corner. And right behind you feel a bit like in a ... hm ... subway shaft with garden tables. Just that it clearly smells better.

We sit down in front of the pub-thing at a table with a couch, take a look at our lunch menu and order a burger with fries for 10.50 €. At the sight of the wine list sinks however my Frolleinherzchen: It is served in 0.1-glasses and the cheapest price starts at 5, - €. The wine, which I would like to drink, costs even € 8.50 for 0.1. The pale ale for 3, - € the bottle is gaining in appeal and also fits very well to the burger.

And then they come, the burgers. Very nicely served and prepared. In brioche bun with salad, bacon, gravy and tomato. The patty is grilled on the outside and pink inside. And the meat - that's awesome - tastes great. The fries are thick cut and just right deep fried.The service staff is discreetly in the background, but immediately there, if we need something. At some point, I get into a little cry and am very happy about the glass's generous filling. Nothing is worse than serving EXACTLY to the mark, ne.

My conclusion after an afternoon in the Off Club: A really nice and surprising location where you can hang out relaxed with friends from 12 noon or business friends "something different" with upscale cuisine can offer. The delicious burgers on the lunch menu are really fun. The service staff is dedicated, but can also leave one alone and does not operate an unpleasant upselling.

It was a great afternoon with Uwe, beer and burgers. I'm really looking forward to the evening ticket and have to come back soon.

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A piano, a piano! Ehh, no, not. In Off Club you prefer drums. And Mickey Mouse. Cool.

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Off Club
Leverkusenstr. 54
22761 Hamburg
040 - 890 19 333