{Book presentation} Vegan fasting - Losing weight with the vital substance turbo. And eat delicious.

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"Um, what's that for a book?" the man casually asks, frowning at the kitchen table. " vegan fasting ." That's big on the cover, but I also like to read it aloud.


I'll clear the dishwasher he is digging on a shelf. "What's that supposed to be?" It says shortly afterwards from the shelf to me. "Hm?" - "Well this ... book. You can hardly call it a cookbook. "He reads the subtitle:" The 14-Day Weight Loss Program with 120 Delicious Base Recipes. "His concern is undeniable. That's just one of those titles that put the man in ... well - let's just say it - in a slight panic.

"Yes, yes - they cook or prepare food. There are three herbal dishes a day that mainly work with basic ingredients. It is said that it is good for ... "At this point, the man is clearly satisfied:" But we do not do , do we? "Do I see the whites in his eyes?

"No, no," I say.

"Every now and then," I think.

Vegan fasting - losing weight with the vital substance turbo - basically, I stand books , who want to bring a weight loss program to women and men, yes rather skeptical. I know what I'm talking about, because I own a lot of them. Maybe all of them work more or less, if only the time and above all the iron will, a lot of strength and discipline to keep meticulous to the program. Maybe they just do not work. Or not for everyone. Therefore, I no longer buy books to start a weight loss program. I'm capable of learning.

But I like to buy cookbooks to be inspired. I admit that vegan fasting does not sound right after a song that thrills one and all with its recipes. But he does.

Vegan fasting colorful Vegan Fasting Sweet  Vegan Fasting Raspberry Cream

Vegan Fast contains 120 recipes divided into breakfast, salads, soups, vegetables, and sweets. And if you are looking for a light meal in the spring that contains a manageable amount of calories and no animal ingredients, you will find it very rich here. In addition, many of the recipes come without any notable carbohydrates - so very low carb compatible.

The hazelnut herb dressing is for example one of my favorites. And the summer fresh cucumber and melon salad with mint sounds wonderful as well. Or how about a pumpkin soup with apricots? Oh, and the plum chocolate sauce! Fortunately, with the recipes, the expensive Mandelmus quasi indispensable for Attila Hildmann is almost not used at all - you can do it!

Vegan fasting Eggplant  Vegan Fast Zucchini Eggplant Rolls  Vegan Fast Salsa Salad

Of course, you can go through the 14-day fast-and-still-eat weight loss program - I'm fine Imagine that works great. But that's not mine, no.Personally, the diet with basic recipes is not important - but whoever insists on it will love this book.

And everyone else just enjoys the delicious recipes, colorful photos, cute illustrations and a whole lot vegan inspiration.

Vegan Fast Cover

Vegan fasting - The 14-day weight loss program with 120 delicious recipes
Elisabeth Fischer
132 pages
Kneipp, Vienna
German ISBN-10: 3708806174
17.99 €

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