{Veggy & Lightning Fast} Very, very happy pea soup with wasabi foam

D as is once again a soup banger who just makes me happy. Why? Because I think about food very often. And often think about how to make meals even tastier or more surprising. I'm always on the hunt for good taste. Well - but as is the case with the hunting luck: sometimes I'm lying miles away or I'm just not satisfied with what I've complicated as dragged on my plate. And then, all of a sudden, this small, simple soup walks into my life and says, "Hello, I'm made up of five totally simple ingredients and I'm the tastiest you've come across in the last few days." BÄM. It can be so easy now and then. Hach!

My friend Pam served this soup at our last veggy cooking circle in small jars as amuse-bouche. And I think, right after the first sip, I asked her to give me the recipe right now. This incredibly intense green color alone makes you happy. And then there is the great combination of a very green-tasting hot soup with the cold, spicy wasabi foam ... luck, luck, luck!

Pam came back with her iPad and said, "Here, from Ines kocht "Ok, Ines, you cooked that really delicious - thanks for the recipe. And Pam, that haste raus trüffelt great, no. I'm really looking forward to the next cooking circle!

And now we're going to make this delicious, bright green soup again:

Here comes the recipe for a very happy ending Pea soup with wasabi foam

(for 4 regular or 8 amuse beech portions)

1 red onion peel, cut into small pieces and in 1 teaspoon ghee or olive oil lan simmer gently and gently until the onion is soft and lightly caramelized.

Keep going for Vitamix owners:
450 g of frozen peas with boiling water . After 1 minute, fish 4 tablespoons of the peas from the bowl, chill in ice water and set aside for the set. Let it rest for another 2-3 minutes.

The longer-brewed peas with 500 ml vegetable stock , the fried onion , 1- Add 2 drops of lemon juice , salt and pepper to the Vitamix and start the program Hot Soup .

While the Vitamix is ​​running, 1 cup of cream (vegan take soy cuisine with cream stabilizer) with 3 teaspoons wasabi paste semi-stiff.

Here's what's going on for a blender owner:
450 g peas and fried onion in a saucepan with Fill up 500 ml vegetable broth , salt , pepper and bring to boil. ApproximatelyGarnish with the retained peas and perhaps with a few pink pepper berries .