Power salad "Green Spirit" with edamame, mangetout, avocado, quinoa and pomegranate

G big salad love alert! And without the usual ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and Co. I could just get in the moment or just throw on my "Green Spirit". But the power salad also brings just everything that I really like: green leaf salad, crisp edamame and mangetout, creamy avocado, spicy sheep's cheese and as a topping sour-fruity pomegranate seeds. Ha! Quinoa is one of the staple foods in South America, has many names and brings a large dose of vegetable protein, as well as vitamins and minerals, such as this green madness also satisfyingly fruity, cooked quinoa.

Quinoa. Magnesium and iron with. The glutunfreie "pseudo grain" (yes!) Is a fox tail plant and is grown as an annual plant. Quinoa is actually related to our beets or spinach, but looks more like grain or rice with the fine grains. Maybe that's why he's known by the name of Inca rice, Quinoa, Inca corn, rice spinach, Andean millet or Perureis.

But no matter what that stuff says, it's just really tasty: boiled in salt water, it has a hearty, slightly russian flavor and can be prepared in a variety of hearty dishes and salads. By the way, a rice pudding with quinoa is an insider tip - I'll have to try that soon. Incidentally, before you suffer a heart attack in the organic market or health food store of your confidence, I'll tell you right away: quinoa is not very cheap. For 500 g you can put about 8, - € on the table. But since quinoa is very productive and swells up a lot during cooking, you will have some of it for a long time. 125g of raw quinoa are well cooked as a side dish for 2 servings.

So, now there's food. Ladies and Gentlemen, dear children - here it is, my salad love 2015:

Here comes the recipe for Power Salad "Green Spirit" with edamame, mangetout, avocado, quinoa and pomegranate

For 2 servings 125 g quinoa into a fine sieve give and hot rinse off. Boil in a small pot with 300 ml of water and 2 Prisn salt and simmer over low heat for 25-30 minutes. Stir occasionally. Allow to cool slightly.

2 large handfuls of green pickling salad wash and spin dry.

Boil water in a 2nd small pot. Add 100g TK-Edamame (soybean kernels - available from the Asian supermarket in the freezer) and 1 pinch of salt and cook for 4 minutes. Add 10 mangetouts and cook 1 more minute. Drain the vegetables into a sieve and immediately quench with cold water.

Finely chop 200 grams of feta cheese . 1 pomegranate cut in half , Place one half in a bowl with the cut surface down and tap the pomegranate with a wooden spoon until the kernels come off and fall into the bowl. 1 Avocado cut in half lengthwise remove the core.Garnish quinoa, sheep's cheese, edamame, mangetout and avocado on top. Garnish with the pomegranate seeds and serve with balsamic vinegar and some olive oil . Season with black pepper to taste.

Tip: The salad can be prepared very well for work or a picnic Take the dressing over the salad just before serving. To prevent the avocado from turning brown, turn the slices into a few drops of lemon juice.

Quick cooking: It is best to prepare a double portion of quinoa and the 2nd half the next day eg serve to a quick vegetable pan. Delicious!

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