{Hamburg tip} Ms. Hedi and her floating barge disco. Harbor, Elbe, gulls, music - and the world is at your feet ...

A ch, Mrs. Hedi - I like you so much. Because with you you can just feel like doll once again. This earlier, when a tuber Astra in the hand and loud music in the most beautiful city in the world had something incredibly cool and auspicious. When it became clear that this world out there had incredible things to offer and everything, everything would just be good. When you were able to dance and drink until nights until 4 or 5 and after a doner dish in bed in the afternoon at half past 3 then everything was fine.

With a ticket for Mrs. Hedis dance coffee you can spend two hours so beautiful back to the lightness of being. The harbor tour with the disco barge goes directly to the Landungsbrücken/bridge 10 "back" going on. We wait in a pack of good-humored adults and as the pounding basses approach the woman Hedi, comes joyful unrest in the crowd. On board are still happy people who are moving to the music and you can see that it is already a bit hard for them to get out of here. And then new boxes Astra have to be invited. But then it's our turn.

We're waving our printed online tickets, boarding the lovely lovingly-ramshackly decorated barge - and then we're off! Mrs. Hedi throws the machine and we chug out on the Elbe.

DJ-desk, bar and improvised fan-shop are here almost one. Quickly buy a little beer and beer before the snake gets too long.

There it is, the harbor ... the sun is shining, the waves are rocking, the seagulls are screaming, Mrs. Hedi is stamping and the music is (as always) a bit too loud for the speakers - wonderful!

Mrs. Hedi is gaining momentum and we glide past the docks of Blohm + Voss, cranes and the Elbphilharmonie. In short, I have to remember that I paid so much Kita fees because of this infamous and grossly ruined construction project, that I should actually have an apartment in the thing. And: No, it's still not finished.

Quickly enjoy a little bit of fun and other vistas. Mrs. Hedi also shows us corners in the harbor, which otherwise do not approach other barges. And suddenly you feel like in a movie from the 70s.

Then there are big pots to touch. How many containers fit on such a ship? Quickly extrapolate ... uh ... never mind.

Mrs. Hedi moored at bridge 10 after an hour.Nobody wants. Let's go to the next round - we definitely need more port romantic and industrial charm. Darling, will you bring me another little boy?

And there it is: the perfect Hamburg postcard panorama - with Michel, Landungsbrücken, Rickmer Rickmers, Kehrwiederspitz, Elbphilharmonie, Puffelwolke and all comfort. The basses and Mrs. Hedi stomp in unison and we happily let the wind blow in our heads.

Life is beautiful. And all is well.

Mrs. Hedis Dance Coffee
Program subject to availability. In the winter also ashore.
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