{20bis20} Update: Minus 1.5 kilos, your FAQs and my new Facebook group

First of all: WOW - I am totally enthusiastic about the incredible response to my blog post about 20bis20! So many of you have written to me here in the comments, on Instagram, Facebook or by e-mail, encouraging, reporting on your own experiences and asking questions about my project. What I was very, very happy and blown away: All posts were consistently positive and benevolent! This is not so common in "this internetwork". Thank you very much - that really motivated me tremendously (and showed me that the topic is also interesting for you). On this great wave of motivation, I slipped super light through the first weight loss week. YAY!

Many of you have let me know that you would like to get involved, stay up to date, or enjoy calorie-optimized recipes. That's why there are now regular updates on the blog 20-20 small updates with my current weight trend, important findings and other topics around the project. And - maybe you have already seen them - recipes with 500 calories are already online.

So today we start with the first "state of affairs", answers to frequently asked questions and - tataaaa - the launch of my own Facebook group for weight optimization.

Let's go! And do not forget! - have it delicious!

State of the art - Week 2

The weight: -1.5 kilos

The mood: excellent (because see above)

The most important finding: Calorie counting works. Really.

And otherwise: The internet is great. Dot.

Your FAQs about my project

Thank you for your feedback with many questions and suggestions! Some topics have surfaced frequently or have been found to be very important. That's why my collected answers come to all here:

You look alive and attractive - do you really have to lose weight?

Hach, thanks for the flowers - such compliments are what you want on print and frame your favorite! But I have always found that liveliness, attractiveness and a great charisma do not necessarily have something to do with the weight. And I do not want to lose weight now to look more attractive or younger. This is primarily about my personal well-being: that was different and should be so again. Or: These damned belly rolls have gone! And secondly, of course, it's also about my personal health care for the next, most carefree years.

20 kilos by June - is not that too ambitious and unnecessary?

Purely arithmetically I would lose 20 kilos with a calorie deficit of 1,000 calories a day by June. As far as the math. Of course it can be good that life has completely different plans for me and everything takes longer. I have calculated that. If it works quickly, of course, I am very happy. If it is only on 31.12. so far, I'm still very happy about this achievement. So: No stress and no focus on extremely fast successes, but more of a medium-term goal.

Is not this Kalorienzählerei totally annoying and really expensive?

Nope, not really. I see the matter of calorie counting more technically - much like driving a car. We do not even sit in our car and jiggle on it - without a regular glance at the speedometer, flashing when turning or shoulder view when changing lanes. Some even keep a written logbook on the routes covered. And no one would seriously claim that these regular checks are annoying or driving us nuts.

There are many digital tools that include calorie counting, e.g. Really easy and pleasant via mobile phone.The most challenging part of it is honesty with oneself. The two, three nutlets, the bar of chocolate, the latte or the delicious leftovers of evening dinners are a pleasure to drop nonchalantly under the table. That was just a blessing ... But in order for the whole thing to really work and not the big weight loss frustration, you really have to track everything.

Which tracker and which app do you use?

I own the Fitbit Flex 2 * - a reasonably priced, small, inconspicuous and waterproof tracker model without a display. This can be fashionably wonderful combined with jewelry and bracelets sporty or elegant. Originally, I had bought the tracker to have a better view of my movement - with a desk job one moves frequently scarcely a bit. The Fitbit brings its own app platform with the acquisition of steps, sport and sleep. In addition, you can wonderful there his consumed food and drinks or water enter. At a glance, the balance of absorbed and used calories can be seen. I am very satisfied with the small model. But of course there are many other vendors and trackers on the market - I am sure that everyone can find the right model for their needs. And those who do not like wearing such a thing on their wrist will use a self-sufficient app for their smartphone. (* Partner link to Amazon). Alternatively, if you do not like a tractor, you can also keep a food diary online.

How can I calculate my individual calorie consumption per day?

A person's individual calorie consumption depends on various factors such as age, gender , Height, weight and movement. The body uses "at rest" the basal metabolic rate, a certain number of calories, just to breathe, to beat the heart, to digest, to keep the temperature, etc. In addition, there is further energy needs for the job, housework, general exercise, sports , etc., how high your individual energy requirement or calorie consumption per day, you can calculate with plethysh computers, for example, here, here or here. My advice: be very honest with you and your activities in the calculation and additionally approach the data more conservatively.

Do not you have to do a lot of sports to lose weight?

No. Hard cardio exercise with a lot of effort to the limit is not required for weight loss. We have been given this very different way of thinking for many years - but it is true that this kind of sport does not automatically lead to a decrease and can, in certain cases, make it even more difficult to accept it. Personally, I find this message great because I've never been the type to enjoy or reward much by gardening in the gym. Rather the opposite. Do not forget: for successful weight loss, the only thing that counts is that you consume less energy than the body uses up.

Increased exercise in everyday life - beyond organized sport - can, of course, wonderfully help to reduce energy consumption gently unscrew and keep the body healthy. That's why I walk a lot, climb stairs and carry my food shopping home without a car. In addition, there are regular, tight walks in the park - the exercise in the fresh air relaxes me, relieves stress and gives me a good feeling. And on very nasty gray winter days, I walk a bit in front of the TV. This is much less embarrassing than you think and makes, for example.Most of my dishes contain a lot of fresh vegetables or salad. Therefore, in my opinion, I currently do not need any additional supplies of vitamins and minerals. However, I have planned to put in a few weeks a blood test with my family doctor and check the supply of vitamins and iron above all. Sure is for sure.

What are your meals now?

I'm as knit as many others - I often like to eat the same at breakfast: A big Swedish wholemeal toast, crispy and warm with some butter and cheese or cold cuts .. There is a large piece of cucumber in slices with salt or tomatoes. Every now and then I also eat an omelet or egg. This breakfast can be prepared quickly and is great for me. At lunchtime, I like to make a quick Asian noodle soup with lots of vegetables or there is a salad with legumes to eat. Again, I do not need daily the big change. In the evening I would like to relax with the family at a nice meal and cook for our common meal always fresh and varied. By and large, everything is as always - just calorie-optimized.

Are you still eating carbohydrates?

Yes, I love toast, potatoes and rice. It would be hard for me to give it up in the long term. My morning wholegrain toast makes me happy and gets me very good. And now and then there is also a moderate portion of noodles. In combination with a lot of vegetables as well as filling eggs, tofu (little!) And meat, carbohydrates work so well for me as well as losing weight. For those who prefer to avoid (simple) carbs, I also have lots of delicious low and slow carb recipes on the blog.

Do you drink protein shakes?

Currently Not. I enjoy eating too much to replace a proper meal on a plate with something liquid from the shaker. In addition, I take with the normal diet protein to me. For on the way I pack myself, for example as an "emergency ration" (in case I get nothing to eat for reasons) like a hard-boiled egg in the chic DDR case * in the purse - that goes without any problems by the control at the airport. However, if people do excessive exercise while losing weight and therefore have a particularly high demand for protein, the support provided by shakes can make sense. (* Partner link to Amazon).

So, that's it for now. You have more questions? Then always with it. Or off to the new Facebook group ...

My new Facebook group

It's easier to get together, but how do we stay that way? running? That's what some of you asked me on Facebook. In order to make it easier for us to network and to exchange weight optimization and weight loss on a daily basis, I have founded my own Facebook group: 20bis20 - exchange, motivation and conspiracy. If you fancy a constructive exchange or have more questions or are looking for support and motivation, then come along. I'm looking forward to seeing you!