{Fish buy house} Fischers Fritze fishes fresh fish in the Müritz ... and they land on our table the next day.

A ch, you live in Hamburg? Then you always have totally fresh fish! "-" Um, ... no. "It is quite funny, but the idea that you are sitting in Hamburg at the source of fresh fish, holds very persistently. This must be due to this combination of harbor, Elbe and the legendary fish market (where you can buy just about anything, and indeed a bit of fish). But folks, hold on tight - here comes the shocking truth: we're getting as good or bad fish as people in Castrop-Rauxel or Landshut.

I know exactly two shops and the fresh paradise at the harbor, where I could buy fish. If I sit in the car and drive for the fish right across the city. Incidentally, I have no car at all. My daily personal network definitely does not take me past fish sources.

And then there's this little, terrible problem with the sea fish. I do not want to stay too long with trawling nets, which roil the seabed on square kilometers and thus erase every life for years. Or with the giant fleets, which leave behind virtually empty waters. And with fish that are almost eradicated and as a frozen fillet of lumps in the freezer in the supermarket. I would much rather like to introduce you to a very great idea:

The Fish Buying House.

The Fish Buying House is the new online department store of the Müritzfischer Fischmanufaktur on the Mecklenburg Lake District. With a sophisticated refrigerated express logistics, fresh fish comes from the catch of the day, sustainably fished and regionally within 24 hours to our home. Tadaaa! It goes with the fresh fish without a guilty conscience. Also for city dwellers without a car and people without a pond in front of the door.

Fishing Müritz Plau #fischkaufhaus #gourmetguerilla #regional #fisch #nachhaltig  FishingMüritz Plau #fish department store #gourmet guerrilla #regional #fish #sustainable {Fish buy house} Fischers Fritze fishes fresh fish in the Müritz ... and they land on our table the next day.

Important to know: The inland fishermen lease their waters and work like Peasants in their field. They do not overfill the waters, because they would deprive themselves of their livelihoods. Inland fishermen depend on a harmonious symbiosis with the ecosystem. The fish farming is operated in idyllic ponds, which are sometimes even in the Müritz National Park. The ponds serve not only the fish, but also rare animal and plant species as a habitat.

Fishing Müritz Plau #fischkaufhaus #gourmetguerilla #regional #fish #sustainable

 Fishing Müritz Plau #fish department store #gourmet guerrilla #regional #fish #sustainable

The Fish Buy House offers over 100 local rivers and lakes in the Mecklenburg Lake District sustainable fished wild and freshwater fish like zander, perch, pike and eel.I say only: ZAN-DER!

All information and fresh fish from the Müritz here: www.fischkaufhaus.de